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Is there a charge for your services?
No, there is no charge for the travel site. No Fees, No Contracts, No Risk.
Will I earn Loyalty Points, Miles and Rewards?
Yes, when a reservation is made through your travel website, that reservation is eligible for loyalty points, miles and rewards through any provider with whom there is a membership.
Is Connexion World Travel LLC a travel agency?
No, we are not a travel agency, nor do we provide direct travel reservations. We only provide the tools for you to make reservations through travel providers with whom we are associated.
Does the amount I earn ever increase?
Yes, we are constantly working to increase the rewards received from our partners. We will notify you whenever there is an increase in commissions. So, the more reservations you make, the more you’ll earn.
Reservations from my smart phone
Yes, smart phones may be used to make reservations initiated from your travel site. Use your preferred travel merchant’s full-site or mobile-site when making a reservation. Reservations cannot be tracked for all sites through mobile apps and we discourage their use. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are currently working on this issue along with ways to notify you of merchants who allow mobile app tracking.

All platforms including Iphone, Ipad, Droid & HTC should work.

How are rewards calculated?
Rewards are based on reservations initiated from your travel site and are calculated this way.
( *Total Net Sales ) ( Total % of Commission from travel merchant ) = Your ˆRewards

*Total Net Sales does not include taxes, service fees and other applicable fees
ˆRewards = Cash Back

How are earnings tracked?
Your travel website will be given a unique identification code or # for each air, car, hotel and travel provider that is used on your site. A monthly earnings report will be sent the first week of each month covering earnings from the previous month.
When are rewards (cash back) paid out?
You will receive your rewards (cash back) on a monthly basis. For some travel merchants, it may take between 30 to 60 days from the time a booking has been consumed before earnings are received from the provider. As soon as earnings are received, they will be reflected in that months rewards payment to you.
How will I be paid?
Payments are sent via check or Paypal to the address listed within your preferences on the Get Started page.
Is the cash back earned taxable?
The money you receive from us is considered income. If your earnings exceed $600 in cash back over the course of the year, we are required to provide you with a 1099. At that time, we may be required to ask for your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number, also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number.

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