Have you ever wondered how you can earn the most travel rewards? Well so have we! That is the reason behind creating this infographic. We wanted you to see how simple it is to get money back on travel, and to show how quickly the rewards can add up.

Ok we know that their is a good chance that the majority of people traveling have signed up, in one form or another, with a rewards program of some type, and you may already be implementing some of these techniques when you travel. However, if you are not using a personal travel website cash back, credit card rewards and travel merchant’s points, every time travel is booked, then you could be missing out on savings of 6% and more.

We know that everyone can relate to money, so we based our examples in cash back, where the actual savings you receive could be much higher when redeemed in other forms.

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How to Earn the Most Travel Rewards - Infographic

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